Chevy to present "Cane" with limited spot breaks


The network television premiere of Cane on CBS will be fully sponsored by Chevrolet, it was announced by Linda Rene, SVP/CBS Network Sales. Chevy will underwrite the entire episode, which will include limited commercial breaks to highlight its new fuel efficiency campaign. The episode is schedule to air Tuesday 9/25 on CBS.

A recurring storyline on the show revolves around whether the family should use their sugar cane fields to harvest ethanol, a renewable energy source. The theme ties in closely with Chevy’s "Gas-Friendly to Gas-Free" ad campaign, that will be spotlighted during the limited commercial breaks.

In addition to the sole sponsorship of the premiere, Chevy will also sponsor the Secondary Audio Program [SAP], which will simulcast Cane in Spanish on CBS throughout the season. Using that SAP feed, CBS also announced the first three episodes of Cane will be re-broadcast on Azteca America.