Children’s Home Sells Christian ‘Compass’


With 610 watts of power from a tower to the north of Altoona, Pa., local listeners have until recently been able to tune to Christian-themed non-secular music and teaching programs from a noncommercial FM billed as “The Compass.”

Now, this station that offers “Direction for Life” is going in a new direction. It’s just been sold.

In a transaction struck Nov. 6 and filed with the Commission on Tuesday, Cedar Ridge Children’s Home and School is agreeing to sell WMMH-FM 91.9 in Houtzdale, Pa., for $120,000.

The buyer is nonprofit entity J.M.J. Radio Inc., and it delivered to broker of record LegalWorks Apostolate and its Stuart Nolan Jr. an initial $2,000 earnest money deposit to the seller.

A $10,000 escrow deposit followed that payment, three days later.

J.M.J. Radio is headed by Ed Niewinski, who is based in Pittston, Pa.

Equipment includes a Radio Shack FM receiving antenna and a Nautel VS1 transmitter with built-in Optimod.

Following the deal, Cedar Ridge will continue to own WCRH-FM 90.5 in Williamsport, Md., and three translators, including one serving Frederick, Md.

For J.M.J., WMMH joins a group of stations including WCOZ-FM 91.7 in New Albany, Pa., and two AMs; WAZL in Hazleton and WQOR in Elephant, Pa. The three stations comprise the JMJ Catholic Radio network, and WMMH will be joining it.