Children’s Issues Hang up Two More Stations


KidsThe parade of stations being rung up by the FCC for running afoul of Children’s television rules and regulations continues unabated. The most recent dragnet caught a pair of stations in Oregon.

KTVZ-TV Bend OR, licensed to NPG of Oregon, is one.

It failed to get its report on Children’s television to the FCC as required for a total of four quarters. It was hit with a $3K fine.

The station was also one of those affiliated with NBC that aired a Saturday morning show called “Lazytown.” The show featured a brief flash of a website that allows advertising. As has been the case on the many stations who aired the same show, KTVZ received an admonishment but no further financial punishment.

The other station is KOBI-TV Medford OR, licensed to California Oregon Broadcasting Inc.

It was in the “Lazytown” group as well, and had no other violations. It was hit with an admonishment.