Choice of smartphone can reveal personal characteristics


If you use an Android/Droid type mobile device, chances are you are younger, perhaps a student, and apt to play games on them.

If you use a BlackBerry, you are older, maybe you’re a business owner or professional with a nice income.

If you use an iPhone, you may be somewhere in between. Such are the findings of a BIGresearch Prosper Mobile Insights study.

16.5% of adults 18+ uses Android/Droids, 13.3% use iPhones and 12.2% use BlackBerry.

App downloading is very much part of the Android/iPhone experience, done by 85% and 84% of users respectively; the more serious BlackBerry crowd has only 59.5% participating in the downloading experience.

Here are popular application types:

Games: 76.1%
Social Media: 58.2%
Radio: 38.1%
Movies/TV Shows: 27.8%
Other Entertainment (non-games): 25.7%
Retailer: 22.3%
Other: 12.4%

Prosper took apart the characteristics of each group of smartphone user. It said, “Looking at the occupations of these Smartphone Owners can explain their choice in apps. More BlackBerry Owners are business owners (8.9%) and hold professional/managerial positions (48.5%) compared to other Smartphone Owners and the general population. iPhone Owners, who are big on entertainment apps, have the highest percentage of students (8.5%) followed by Droid Owners (8.3%). Only 6.1% of BlackBerry Owners are students.”

In general, smartphone owners have more money coming in than the population as a whole, but there are significant differences here too. Prosper noted, “Likely related to occupation, BlackBerry Owners have the highest average income at $84,439. Those owning iPhones (and who use retailer apps most often) follow closely with an average income of $82,683. Those owning Android phones have a lower average income, $73,607, but this is still well above the average of all consumers ($65,128).”

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