Christian broadcast group takes the joint out of LPTV joint venture


UCB USA is acquiring a low power television station in Medford OR in a deal that will likely not be all that noticeable to the station’s viewers. The buyer already had a strong relationship with the seller.

The station is KDOV-LP, an outlet on Channel 44. It comes with a CP to go digital next door on Channel 43.

The buyer, headed by Perry A. Atkinson, calls itself “…the corporate body that links affiliated Christian broadcasting organizations and ministries together throughout the world. Some of these groups have been founded by UCB, others are linked through joint ventures.” UCB stands for United Christian Broadcasters.

The sale of KDOV has all the earmarks of a joint venture moving to O&O status. Per the contract for the sale of the station, UCB and the seller, Inspiration Television Inc. under George Sebastian, have a Affiliate Rebroadcasting Agreement dated 12/1/09 and/or an Airtime Carriage Agreement dated 1/1/10. Under the agreements, Inspiration has been using a transmitter location supplied by UCB, which it will be required to return.
The price for the station will be $115K, all paid via promissory note.

UCB claims to have FM programming available in Medford on 91.7 and 92.1 MHz, and has other stations in various Oregon locations.