Christina Perri and Atlantic see radio in the marketing mix


In the new multi-platform media environment, popular musical acts use each and every venue possible to get their name out there and sell records. And with all the options, radio remains a key avenue to success, judging by points made by Christina Perry and Atlantic Records.

The single that the singer is promoting heavily now is called “A Thousand Years.” Atlantic Records notes that the anticipated success of the new tune comes on the heels of previous release “Jar of Hearts,” saying the song “… scored at radio where it proved a multi-format phenomenon, reaching the top 5 at Hot AC, the top 10 at Mainstream AC, and the top 20 at CHR/Top 40.”

Another Perri song scored at Hot AC, “lovestrong.”

Perri has also managed to get performances booked on various high-profile early morning and late night network television programs, as well as daytime talkers, and is making sure that she has a strong YouTube presence as well.

RBR-TVBR observation: There is a lot of stuff on YouTube. A lot of stuff. It doesn’t mean much being available there if web surfers don’t know to look for you. Radio remains relevant to musicians and primes them for success – the age-old partnership between radio and music is still more than worth nurturing.

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