Chrysler workers walk out as contract deadline passes


UAW employees at certain Chrysler plants were seen walking off the job after the 11 am union deadline for contract talks passed with no agreement. A key issue on the table is Chrysler’s demand to sell or outsource its parts depot and transportation operations.
The United Auto Workers chief negotiator with Chrysler has told union local leaders that the strike will make exception for five of the automaker’s plants.

A memo from UAW Vice President General Holiefield said that the strike would not target the five plants. The five plants that would be outside the union’s strike target were identified as Belvidere, Illinois; Conner Avenue and Jefferson North assembly plants in Detroit; an assembly plant in Newark, Delaware; and Warren Truck outside Detroit.

RBR observation: The recent strike by the UAW against GM was brief and had no noticeable impact on vehicle availability or advertising expenditures. Will this be the same?