Church's launches effort for new Chicken Mini Sandwich


Aiming at a new value option for diners, Church’s is supporting its new Chicken Mini Sandwich with television, radio, in-store, direct mail and outdoor. This, after local-market testing. Hispanic is included as well. The recurring characters of restaurant team members Doug and his Manager will again be the stars. Church’s Chicken spokesperson Bonnie Warschauer tells RBR-TVBR there is no network TV on the buy. However, she did provide the spot markets:

The TV markets featuring Minis:
Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Jackson, Memphis, Montgomery, Shreveport, San Antonio, Monroe, Midland, McAllen, Lubbock, Hattiesburg, Greenwood, El Paso, Denver, Corpus Christi, Austin, Albuquerque, Charleston.

Spanish TV: San Antonio, McAllen, El Paso, Austin, Albuquerque

Radio: Alexandria, Biloxi, Lafayette, Meridian, San Antonio, McAllen, Laredo

Spanish Radio: San Antonio, McAllen, Corpus Christi

The new sandwich will be supported by a new :30 ad with Doug on his lunch break about to take a bite of the Mini Sandwich. His Manager sits at the table with him and proclaims that the new Mini is Chicken Genius. Doug states all the qualities of the Mini. Not being able to resist, the Manager leans over and takes a bite of the Mini sandwich that Doug is about to eat.

The :30 Spanish ad features a mother and son standing at the counter at Church’s and Doug and the Manager on the other side. The son relays to Doug that his mother thinks she can go up against the new Mini sandwich in her own home kitchen. They banter back and forth about the ingredients until the mother hears the price of the new Mini sandwich. Knowing she can’t beat the value and quality, the mother then tells Doug to take her son’s order for the new Mini sandwich.

The :15 second English and Spanish ads will showcase ‘Moments of Chicken Genius’ highlighting the new product and its portability.