“Cita con el Doctor” details Swine Flu


While the worries about the new swine flu virus and the possible influenza pandemic increases worldwide, Grupo Latino de Radio’s “Cita con el Doctor” is committed to giving its listeners detailed information and advice. Prevention and early detection become key factors and GLR is looking to provide help to Hispanic families.

For the past two decades, the show’s host Dr. Elmer Huerta – first-ever Latino physician that was named President of the American Cancer Society– has been committed to improving the quality of life for Latinos. Dr. Huerta joined GLR Networks in 2007 to host “Cita con el Doctor”, a health-topic show that looks to answer our listeners’ questions regarding health concerns.

Since breaking news of the swine flu, Dr. Huerta has once again been regarded as a trusted source of medical information to the Latino community in the United States, and has been interviewed by many other media resources in the last couple of days regarding this virus. The Doctor is in fact a strong believer that the use of media is a great tool to educate our community.

RBR/TVBR observation: With mistakes like the one mentioned in this Bloomberg story, one is not surprised how quickly this Swine Flu seemed to have come out of nowhere! Needless to say, it may be a wise choice to start having programming meetings on adding updates on the possible pandemic—and where to go for help in your market(s). The community service side of radio may be kicking into high gear soon…