Citadel Media launches The Jeremy Show


Citadel Media has tapped Country music radio’s proverbial fountain of youth by launching The Jeremy Show. The program is hosted by Jeremy Robinson, who at the age of 29 is the youngest national Country host on the air today. Already a popular fixture with audiences in the Dallas/Fort Worth market from his work at several local Country stations, Robinson will now bring his fresh, dynamic showmanship to radio listeners across the nation as he hosts the biggest party on Country radio. The new program is carried on Today’s Best Country, one of the network’s two 24-hour Country formats, and airs live Monday – Saturday from 6 – 11 p.m. CT. In addition to Today’s Best Country’s 100-plus affiliates, The Jeremy Show is also heard on stations like KSCS in Dallas and KZSN in Wichita.

“Jeremy is an exciting new talent for Country radio and a fantastic addition to our portfolio,” said Carl Anderson, Senior Vice President of Programming and Distribution for Citadel Media. “He’s uniquely qualified in this format to attract a younger skewing audience since he’s a member of the demo himself. I’m confident that program directors looking for a compelling nighttime show that draws audience participation will love what they hear from Jeremy.”

Robinson got his start in radio at the age of 16 as host of the Saturday night request show on KBEC in Waxahachie, TX, after volunteering for other jobs around the station in hopes management would give him a shot on the air. From there he landed a part-time job with Dallas’ KYNG – Young Country format before jumping to KPLX – The Wolf, where he remained for six years. Following a brief stint as a television morning show anchor, Robinson made the move to Dallas’ KSCS – the station he loved listening to while he was growing up – to host midday and evening shifts.

“The enthusiasm and energy Jeremy brings to nights is second to none,” said Chris Huff, Program Director for KSCS. “He makes listening fun and makes listeners his friends in the process – not just on the radio, but through constant interaction on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. His audience really does become an integral part of his show each and every night.”

Evidence of Robinson’s use of social media was recently on display as he received 10,000 text messages in less than 20 minutes when he offered listeners the opportunity to win an autographed Toby Keith guitar. Two nights later, he received the same outpouring for an autographed Carrie Underwood guitar.

Many of the successful features Robinson created for his local program will also be nightly, staples on The Jeremy Show, which highlights contemporary Country music. “The Impossible Question,” “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me,” and “The Interactive Top 5” have proven immensely popular with his audience. Robinson’s show style is family-friendly and his affable personality has produced ratings gains and a strong level of interaction from listeners at each station he has broadcast from.