Citadel: no ABCRN deal with Stratus Media


Here’s an update to our story yesterday about what we heard in the marketplace that Citadel/ABC Radio Networks has tapped Stratus Media (Glenn Felty) to help rep their network radio inventory. While RBR still did not get responses from Stratus or ABCRN, we did hear from Mike Pallad, Citadel Broadcasting VP/Sales, who categorically denied the story: “Stratus Media has never represented, nor will be representing, any of the ABCRN assets—online or on-air.”

However, we are still hearing Stratus is repping Citadel (and not ABCRN) in the Network Radio Marketplace, and for streaming inventory of their radio stations. We are also still hearing that Netflix purchased a significant network radio buy of Citadel stations through Stratus. We did not hear back from Pallad on Citadel’s relationship with Stratus by deadline.