Citadel planning to duck out of Knoxville LMA


Oak Ridge FM Inc. is going to need to come up with a new plan for its 100.3 MHz FM facility in Knoxville before too long. Citadel Broadcasting has been leasing the frequency for its FM News-Talker WNOX-FM, but plans to move it to an O&O by very early August.

According to local television reports, Citadel plans to complete the switchover by 8/2/10. Actually, the change will come before than in the form of a transitional period in which it will be heard on both 100.3 and on its new 98.7 MHz frequency. That event is slated for 7/9/10.

98.7 is currently the home of Citadel’s Oldies WOKI-FM.

Citadel’s other stations in the market include Country WIVK-FM on 107.7, and a Sports-Talk trimulcast which includes WNML-AM 990, WNML-FM 99.1 and WNRX-FM 99.3.

Besides News, the station features a mix of local and nationally syndicated talkers, with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity prominently among the latter group.