Citizens group going to bat for Ovation on TWC


Time Warner CableTime Warner Cable has announced to prune some low-rated cable networks from its lineup in an effort to control program costs, but its decision to make fine arts channel one of them has inspired the creation of a citizens group fronted by actress Rosie Perez which is trying to get the channel reinstated.

The group is called Citizens for Access to the Arts, which announced its existence 1/10/13.

According to CAA, Perez is already involved in the promotion of the arts via her role as the Artistic Board Chair for the Urban Arts Partnership. Discussing her presence at a kick-off event, CAA said “Speaking from experience as both a child growing up in Brooklyn and an activist working to protect the arts for a younger generation, Rosie’s words added a deeply personal touch to the rally’s passionate message.”

CAA’s message is essentially that it’s all about kids. “Poignant speakers like Perez reminded those watching and participating in the rally just how essential arts exposure through television programming is for children living in low income neighborhoods,” stated CAA. “For those unable to afford a Broadway play or a trip to an art museum, Ovation provides an accessible outlet to connect with the immense world of creative expression. Time Warner Cable, Inc.’s decision to drop the only television channel dedicated to such programming not only proves to be a disservice for thousands of families throughout the New York Metropolitan area, but more dangerously alienates entire neighborhoods of children from essential exposure to the arts.”