Clancy Woods stepping down as Mission Media president


Most know Mission Media by its main product—Sporting News Radio. Woods will step down as President of Mission Media Group at the end of the year and be replaced by David Gow, the Chairman of Mission Media and Gow Communications, LLC, owner of 1560 The Game in Houston.  Mission Media was formed by Woods last year to purchase certain assets from its previous owner, American City Business Journals. Woods acquired control of the network in April.

Under Woods’ leadership, the company moved the network operating center to Houston, co-locating with The Game.  The company also brought in new, talent including Steve Czaban and Peter Gammons, and hired a national sales team. 

“Clancy was instrumental in leading our changes.  With the move to Houston complete and the company re-positioned, Clancy and I both thought the year-end seemed like the right time to make the transition,” said Gow.  

Said Woods: “In the last year and half we have worked tirelessly with our investors to create an innovative and independent company that produces sports media content that is second to none.  Now that our initial goal of creating an independent sports radio network has been accomplished, it is time for me to devote my time to a number of other business interests and leave the next phase of growth for Mission Media Group in the capable hands of our senior management team.

Woods will remain involved as an advisor and shareholder.