Clarifying the “The Syndicated Radio Asset Management Company” launch


Even though we have been functioning with a great degree of discretion for quite a while, the attached PDF (see top right of this page) was the first public announcement of The Syndicated Radio Asset Management Company (

The response has been very strong, and the campaign that we are about to embark on is more of the recruiting for staffing the outsourcing opportunities we have received through private negotiations which are all under non-disclosure. 

This plan helps beleaguered CEO’s and their teams in wonderful ways, as well as share holders and lenders.  It is important radio stay in the private sector, with innovative entrepreneurial solutions, rather than governmental assistance. 

The seven names that you see on page four are but a small percentage of a vastly larger pool of “best in breed” top performance based operators that care deeply about our industry, their colleagues, CEO teams, shareholders, and lenders. 

I originally announced our plan to ultimately syndicate management in an August 2002 cover story on TRN.  In early 2007 I announced at The Freedom of Speech Award Presentation in New York City, that a group was being formed to syndicate management, and we would be the first ones to do it – which we were, we have been at this for a while, doing so in a discrete and appropriate manner to the benefit of all and to the detriment of none. 

We just weren’t the first ones to announce it, because we believe that discretion and deference to our clients is more important up to this stage in the game. 

Our now large team aim to be part of the solution to the problems that ail this industry that we all love.  Please see our website or our four page PDF attached (top right of this page).

–Mark Masters, Talk Radio Network Enterprises CEO