Clear Channel escapes dry SF toilets


This time we can say that some Clear Channel business already on the books is not going to be flushed down the toilet. It seems that the city of San Francisco has voted to ban alcohol advertising on any city-owned property, like newspaper racks, kiosks and public toilets. However, Clear Channel is escaping since it already has long-term contracts signed for exactly these sorts of ads. Very long term. Through 2023, in fact. Bruce Lee Livingston of the Marin Institute complains that his son, who is seven, will have graduated from college before the ads are pulled down.

Local officials have already banned tobacco and alcohol advertising from local municipal transporation elements, and suggest that other local governments follow suit.

"The Board took decisive action to protect youth from alcohol ads in any future contracts," stated Livingston, "but the progress is bittersweet since Clear Channel has a ridiculous city contract that will let them put-up alcohol ads until 2023. When my seven year-old son graduates from college the ads will be gone."

RBR/TVBR observation: Does anybody think that a beer ad on a newspaper stand is going to send a stampede of seven-year-olds into the nearest tavern? With local government budgets stretched to the breaking point just about everywhere, we’d be willing to acknowledge the fact that even children are aware of the existence of beer and other beverages, and just take the money.