Clear Channel files to donate Dearborn AM to MMTC


MMTC / Minority Media & Telecom CouncilOne way to extract benefit from an underutilized broadcast facility is to hand it over to a noncommercial entity that would love to restore it to usefulness – and that is precisely what Clear Channel is doing by sending Detroit-area WDTW-AM Dearborn MI to MMTC Broadcasting LLC.

The donation was announced last December 2012, but the paperwork wasn’t into the FCC until just recently – it was accepted for filing 6/28/13.

MMTC is headed by David Honig, a wing of the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council. It has typically used such stations to provide operational experience for minorities and women seeking to enter the broadcasting business, and has also sought to sell the stations to such people, or to sell the station as a source of funding for the organization.

For Clear Channel, the donation is an opportunity for realize a tax benefit.

Both Honig and Clear Channel’s John Hogan commented on the deal back in December:

 “This opportunity would not have been possible without the generous contribution of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment,” said David Honig, President of MMTC. “Throughout the years, Clear Channel’s donations have been instrumental in helping MMTC secure ownership and training opportunities for minorities and women across the country. Many of MMTC’s buyers of these stations have ventured into interesting, unique, diverse programming to fill niche needs in the local communities. Having a station and transmitter donated in a major market like Detroit is a huge asset for funding our mentoring and advocacy programs. We thank them for their generous and continued support.”

“We applaud MMTC for creating a program that helps minority broadcasters develop the skills and experience necessary to become successful broadcasters,” said John Hogan, Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. “We’re pleased that the donation of these resources will give the opportunity for enthusiastic new entrepreneurs to own and operate their own radio station.”

Other stations in MMTC Broadcasting’s portfolio are WNRR-AM North Augusta SC, KFXN-AM Minneapolis MN and low power television outlet W51CV Utica NY.


  1. But the 6 towers were toppled near Telegraph Road and I-94 a few months ago. Giving MMTC “a radio station” without towers is a joke.

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