Cleveland Rock shocker indicted for July 4th incident


GavelShane French aka Rover of Cleveland’s Rock Station WMMS-FM 100.7 is headed to court in the somewhat distant aftermath of a July 4th altercation with an off-duty police officer. However, French maintains that the officer is the one at fault.

The incident in question appears to have actually taken place very early on 7/5/13, at 3:40 AM near the Olde River Yacht Club.

An off duty officer named Steven Kinas was on his boat at that location, saw fireworks and traced their origin to French and another person, identified in a story as French’s radio sidekick Michael Toomey, who is known as Chocolate Charlie on French’s program, called “Rover’s Morning Glory.”

According to the off-duty officer, the duo continued shoot fireworks, and a shoving match ensued.

Both men face numerous charges, including inducing public panic.

French has stated that he is not at liberty to discuss the case but says once all the facts come out he is certain that he will be vindicted. He also promised to take steps to make sure same thing doesn’t happen to anybody else.