Clinton, Cruz Lead the Pack


Democrat and RepublicanMedia Monitors has been tracking political radio spot buys in key markets leading up to Super Tuesday through Feb. 28.

A dozen states and one territory are holding their party primaries today.

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will hold contests for both Republicans and Democrats. Republicans in Alaska will hold caucuses. Democrats in Colorado will hold their caucuses as well. Finally, Democrats in American Samoa are also holding their nominating contest.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign ran 6,309 spots, while her Super PAC Priorities USA Act aired 5,663 spots and SEIU COPE, the Service Employees International Union, added 260 spots bringing her total to 12,232.

The Super PAC Keep The Promise I ran 8,285 ads promoting Ted Cruz and his campaign aired 1,924 spots, while his other Super PAC Lone Star Committee aired 214 spots. Courageous Conservatives PAC added on 117 spots. This made his total spots run for his efforts 10,540 spots.

Bernie Sanders for President cleared 3,548 spots, while his Super PAC CWA Working Voices (Communications Workers of America) added 89 in the month of February making his total 3,637 spots.

Ben Carson’s campaign aired 1,912 spots, the BAMPAC (Black Americans PAC) ran 177 spots for Carson along with the organization Our Children’s Future adding on 150 spots for the retired neurosurgeon. His total was 2,239.

The Super PAC Conservative Solutions ran 1,025 for Marco Rubio, while Rubio’s campaign aired 432 spots bringing his total to 1,457.

Donald Trump for President ran 773 spots and for the first time we see a Super PAC called TrumPAC (started by William Doddridge, the CEO of the Jewelry Exchange) which added 5 spots bringing his total to 778.

The Super PAC New Day for America ran 36 spots for John Kasich.