Clinton Spends Big on TV Ads


Democrat and RepublicanThe Hillary Clinton Campaign is spending big bucks on television advertising in general, and especially in three key states: Florida, Colorado and North Carolina.

Clinton’s campaign said she’s raised more than $68.5 million in June and began July with $44 million in the bank.

So far, Clinton’s ads have run most commonly on ABC-affiliate stations (2,545), followed by NBC (2,403), CBS (1,906), and Fox (1,652), a Bloomberg Politics analysis of Kantar Media/CMAG data shows.

University of San Francisco professor and Bloomberg analyst Ken Goldstein said “Advertising is reality. Campaigns can talk about states being competitive or not competitive, but where they put their TV dollars reveals what they really think.”

Meanwhile, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said recently he “doesn’t need commercials,” reported Bloomberg.