Clip Interactive Moves Ahead With In-Car, In-Home Integrations


Clip Interactive has completed the first phase of development of their in-car and in-home consumer products integrations, providing support for automobile technologies Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and in-home consumer platforms Amazon Echo and Google Home to every radio station on the Clip platform.

The integrations come at a pivotal moment for the “connected car” and “internet-of-things” home devices. An estimated 15 million automobiles will be enabled with CarPlay and Android Auto by the end of 2017. The wildly popular in-home “smart speakers” sold by Amazon (Echo) and Google (Home) are expected to be in over 30 million U.S. homes by the end of the year, where half the usage of these devices is for audio content consumption.

As these platforms become ubiquitous, broadcasters can leverage the airways to inform listeners to access their stations and programs on these devices, if their stations are supported, Clip argues.

“Our goal is to create a user experience with these technologies that helps the consumer to see their new in-car and in-home devices as radios,” said Clip Interactive CEO Michael Lawless. “As these new devices gain adoption, rather than getting lost among competitive alternatives, we think radio stations can put themselves in the lead position with their listeners in the car and at home.”