Close encounter south of Kansas City


The Bott family works both sides of the commercial/non-commercial divide, and it’s the latter wing that has taken possession of a CP for an FM-to-be licensed to Freeman MO.

The station already has call letters – it is KYLF-FM. At the time it was sold, it was licensed as a Class C2 on 88.9 MHz with 1 kW-H, 13.522 kW-V @ 466’ in the community of Freeman MO. It has now been approved for a new facility in Adrian MO, on the same 88.9 MHz frequency, but with 30 kW @ 452’.

The Bott’s Community Broadcasting Inc. is the license company making the purchase. They’ll spend $40K cash for the right to build the station.

The seller is Calvary Chapel of Kansas City, headed by James Stewart.

Media Services Group broker Bill Lytle noted the closing of the deal. He represented the buyer in the transaction.

The buyer has two stations in the vicinity of Kansas City, KCCV-AM Overland Park KS and KCCV-FM Olathe KS.