Radio Advertisers Get Data Boost From Cox


Still don’t believe that Cox Media Group is in no way parting with its radio stations as it continues to seek a strategic partner for its broadcast TV stations?

Check out what the company launched on Tuesday (10/16). CMG describes it as “a robust insights platform for radio advertisers.”

Now active is Cox Analytics for Broadcast, which uses audience data and insights to help advertisers target active consumers in their product category and track the effectiveness of their campaigns through detailed analysis of their website traffic.

Tim Clarke, CMG’s VP of Audience and Content, said “We’ve developed a program to combine over the air audiences, social media audiences, first-party data and advertiser schedules to better understand the consumer actions influenced by radio advertisements.”

Results are collected by combing listener data with social audiences, leading to a defined, hyper-specific audience for radio advertisers to target. The numbers are then generated through a custom dashboard, giving advertisers the opportunity to improve performance and understand what is driving their results.

Cox Media Group’s radio division operates more than 60 radio stations in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and New York.