CMG Tulsa launches “103.3 FM The Eagle”


KJSRCox Media Group Tulsa Radio’s KJSR Rock 103.3 has morphed, mostly in name only, to add more Classic Rock than ever in the mix and less Active Rock picks. The new 103.3 FM The Eagle better reflects the core Adult 25-54 demo, says the station: “The New Eagle 103.3 also reflects a better match of Tulsa’s population and will give listeners what they say they want – more classic rock.”

“Our team has created an amazing sounding station that our listeners and advertisers have been telling us was missing from the Tulsa dial,” said CMG Tulsa Radio VP and Market Manager Gene Vidler.  “This station will quickly become a core part of the Tulsa community.  The excitement surrounding the launch of The Eagle 103.3 has been fantastic, and I am extremely happy that we now get to share this great product with all of Tulsa and Green Country.”

Rock 103.3 has been on air since October 2012. Vidler said that every research project the station has conducted over the last year and a half has demanded more and better classic rock.

The Billy Madison Morning Show has been dropped too.

“No one in Tulsa has offered the listeners the classic rock that they want to hear until now,” he added.  “And The Eagle 103.3 is here to fill the classic rock void.”


  1. What the hell have you done with the Billy Madison Show? They were the only good thing to listen to in the morning. I can hear music on plenty of other stations if I want to.

  2. Hey what in the world happen to my AC/DC Metallica and Motley Crue. What an
    injustice.I found a good hard rock station and now its gone. The Eagle. Heck
    it sounds just like the old Star 103 to me. While KMOD is so so I may have to
    switch back.Heck we had all stations for Supertramp,Eagles,Bruce Springsteen
    but only one classic hard rock station.Now its gone. May it R.I.P.
    As The Who would say Long Live Rock be dead or alive.

  3. HEY WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HEAVY METAL? THE REAL ROCK IS GONE! now it sounds just like BOB FM! give us back our G&R,DEF LEPARD,KISS,AC/DC,MOTLEY CRUE!!! did a gay guy take over? SOFT ROCK SUCKS!

  4. I was elated when I turned to 103.3 and heard true listener friendly music again. I had quit listening when I tuned in one morning to find an annoying morning talk show and music that is enjoyable to some but i’m certain is a little too hard for the masses. I’m back as a loyal listener again, both in my truck and at work, thank you for creating a great station

  5. I can live w/o the BM show, but if you soften the rock up, your gonna lose tons of us!!!!!!!!! We grew up on classic rock AND the crew, ozzy, etc…..

  6. Couldn’t stand the Billy Madison show. ‘Bout time they were booted as they were an embarrassment. That was the reason I didn’t listen to 103.3 in the mornings. On the other hand…they got rid of Metallica, AC/DC, and the real (classic) rock???? What the heck??? Guess I will have to stick with iHeart radio.

  7. Yay!!! I stopped listening because of the foul mouths! Nothing like waking up one morning driving my child to school getting ready to listen to good music and hearing garbage that my kid drops her jaw! I don’t think I ever switched channels so fast. Drove around today windows rolled down finally enjoying 103.3 The Eagle! Woohoo Love classic rock!

  8. to bad this was a good station it played to much def lep and aerosmith but was still better than most oh well back to my mp3 player

  9. The billy madison show was the best! COME ON get over yourself pwople. Its shock radio. Yea theres gunna be a lot of stuff on therr that your kid shouodnt listen to. But are you gunna do that EVERY TH ING that your kid shouldnt listen to?

  10. The Billy Madison Show in the morning was the the best one that was on in the morning, and the only reason I ever tuned in to 103.3.

    BMMS sucks, it’s just two idiots talking about nonsense with a girl giggling every now and then. I picture rob dierdek and the cast of Ridiculousness whenever I hear that show.

    Whoever the guys are on 104.5 at least have some interesting news every once in a while.

    The [email protected] has never had the best music on it, but this change has only made it worse. 97.5 always has the best music going on for that drive.

    TL;DR No reason to tune in to 103.3 at all anymore. LOL 92.5 is better than you are now!

  11. I’m so glad Billy Madison is gone! Now I can listen to music in the morning. So glad decent classic rock station is back. Thanks You.

  12. “Andy Barber is #2” – yeah, that’s appropriate. Care to explain all your drunken racist tweeting and facebooking Andy? At least Billy Madison knew better than you do.

  13. When I moved to Tulsa I was excited when I found your station. Best classic rock choices, best on-air personalities, BEST MORNING SHOW, but now I again have no station to listen to. Someone please tell me who’ll play classic rock with a mix of the soft and heavy metal too. I’ve heard “Freebird” (which I love) more in the last month than I did in high school! BRING BACK THE OLD FORMAT PLEASE!!!

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