CNBC, LinkedIn announce alliance


CNBC and LinkedIn announced a strategic alliance that includes broad distribution of CNBC content across the LinkedIn network, integration of LinkedIn functionality into, and the joint development of products and content for CNBC. Programming initiatives will include community-generated content from the LinkedIn community for broadcast on CNBC.

CNBC will become LinkedIn’s preferred business media provider and will offer CNBC text, articles and blogs, financial data, and video content selected from its nearly 100 on-air interviews broadcast each day to LinkedIn’s large, growing, global user base. Conversely, community-generated content from LinkedIn will be broadcast on CNBC including survey results and on-air Q&As with CNBC guests and reporters. In addition, CNBC will integrate LinkedIn community and networking functionality into, enabling users to share and discuss news with their professional networks.

This collaboration will include content from CNBC around the globe and will be evident wherever CNBC is viewed in North America, Europe and Asia. CNBC is available in 400 million homes worldwide, including 95 million homes in the United States. In addition this will extend CNBC’s reach to LinkedIn’s 27 million users worldwide.