CNN rebrands its online sister


CNNTime Warner’s iconic cable news channel has been fine-tuning its new online version CNNx since April, according to an Ad Age report, with the active participation of a pair of advertisers. It’s now evolving, with a new name: CNNgo.

The main thrust of the platform is to allow users to customize the networks video content, picking and choosing what they’ll get out of a 24-hour mass of program options. They will also be able to access extra content to go along with their selections.

The two founding advertising partners are Lexus and Canon, who not only advertised on the site but helped determining the entire advertising model that will be used.

According to Ad Age, the model is pretty much organized along standard lines at the moment, but is seeking ways to get messages out to on demand viewers. Further, Lexus is exploring how to use CNNgo in the context of the entire universe of advertising platforms it uses.

There will be another benefit for advertisers, says Ad Age – access to research and data accumulated by CNNgo. Other benefits are said to be in the works as this work-in-progress moves forward.