CNN Says No to Trump $5 Mill. Donation Demand


CNNVariety reports that CNN is standing on principle, and rebuffing the latest Donald Trump stunt, by refusing to meet the billionaire’s demand that the network give $5 million to charity to ensure his appearance at the next Republican Presidential debate. The debate will air December 15.

“No,” said CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker, when asked if the $5 million would be forthcoming. “We do not pay candidates to appear” on the network. CNN had previously declined to respond to the candidate’s demand.

One suspects that Trump would not pass up a crucial debate – and another chance to ham it up in the national spotlight. Hence his demand was hedged with language that suggested he may not appear should CNN fail to come to the party with the millions, rather than saying he definitely would not appear. More than likely, this was another play for publicity by the outspoken mogul. On that score, he won again.


  1. Well CNN sucks because the money was to benefit Vets. It would have been a donation and a tax write off for them so it would not be like it was such a big deal. They going to make mega bucks off the debate even without this cash that would benefit our vets in need.

    • Sorry, Carol. But that was just Trump Trumping. If I were CNN, I’d tell Trump that if he wants to participate, he has to donate the money himself. Hey, it would go to benefit veterans, and it could be a tax write off for him.

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