CNN sues DG for breach of contract


CNNCNN is suing for 2.35 million. The suit, filed in New York State Supreme Court, says Dial Global informed CNN 12/11 that it didn’t plan on extending its partnership when the contract expired 12/12.  When the final newscast aired 12/31/12, many affiliates were converted to DG’s new NBC News Radio network.

CNN and DG agreed to continue distributing CNN-branded newscasts through the end of March and payments would be made through 12/12.  Specifically, CNN’s suit says Westwood One, which merged with Dial Global in late 2011 — agreed to pay CNN $4.55 million in the first two years of its contract, and $4.7 million in the third year.

The suit argues that Westwood One/DG breached its contract by failing to make the final two quarterly payments owed. CNN says the quarterly payments amount to $1,175,000 each.


  1. “New York State Superior Court”

    No such court exists. You probably mean New York State Supreme Court (X County) which is the mid-level trial court.

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