It’s usually done the other way around: website first and social media second. But not in this case: CNN en Español (@CNNEE) has the number one Spanish-language news account in Twitter with nearly 1.5 millions of followers, and almost 850,000 fans on Facebook. Now the TV network has reinforced its multi-platform content strategy with the launch of (11/2), where users can find the latest breaking news, the network’s best videos, exclusive interviews and news stories from around the globe. The new site is linked at the top to via a number of tabs. offers news headlines and multimedia content specifically curated for its users. In addition to news, photo galleries, videos, and polls, the site provides exclusive content from each show and interviews beyond what is broadcast on CNN en Español, as well as opinion articles written by the network’s contributors.

Through, users will also be able to watch the behind the scenes, news and events from the perspective of CNN en Español’s anchors and reporters, in order to connect more closely with the network. Moreover, will provide users with a platform to interact with news anchors and reporters through social media and to become CNN reporters through iReport by sending their videos, photos and stories.