Cold Stone launches first TV campaign


In celebration of National Ice Cream Month and Cold Stone Creamery's new campaign, it is time to "love thy nemesis." Three sets of well-known feuding personalities have been invited to put aside their differences and come together on the final day of National Ice Cream Month on 7/31. In an effort to further encourage these nemeses to put their disputes behind them, Cold Stone is offering 10,000 to be donated to each individual's charity of choice.

Certified letters detailing the proposal have been sent to three well-known feuding personalities. The first letter was sent to a famed recording artist struggling for artistic control with the chairman of a very large recording label. A second letter was sent to two young Los Angeles-based reality television stars-one male, one female-fighting over the same girl. The last letter was sent to two former television talk show co-hosts known for their varying differences on just about every subject. Copies of these letters can be obtained by contacting Cold Stone Creamery.

The inspiration stems from the company's first-ever national television advertising campaign, launched by Cold Stone Creamery this summer. The concept demonstrates that true ice cream aficionados can overcome just about anything, including their worse nemesis, for the love of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream (the commercials can be found at