Coldplay using radio to keep album sales humming


Top recording act Coldplay’s latest album “Mylo Xyloto” has already been certified platinum by the RIAA, but that isn’t stopping it from trying to sell a few more copies. It is planning to keep interest alive in a number of ways, including distributing copies of its next single to radio stations.

The band has released a schedule for its next concert tour of North America, but that doesn’t kick off until 4/17/12. But it has a few things in the works between now and then to keep the album in fans’ buying plans.

The next step is sending a single from the album out to radio stations in hopes of getting some airplay. “Charlie Brown” is the song, and it is expected to be available to play sometime this month. It will be the third single released from the album.

The band is also scheduled to perform on PBS live concert program “Austin City Limits.”

RBR-TVBR observation: If radio stations can be considered to be abusing artists for playing their songs, then why in the world would an artist just give the song to radio? Do you suppose Coldplay believes that some exposure of its music over radio air space will be good for sales? Obviously, the content for publicity quid pro quo between radio and musicians remains alive and well.