Colemans meeting with daughter Chloe’s heart transplant recipient


Warren Kurtzman President/COO, Coleman Insights tells us that as most of you will recall, Jon Coleman’s 14-year-old daughter Chloe unexpectedly passed away nearly three years ago.  Out of this tragedy came some amazing things, including how a Chicago-area woman’s life changed when she received Chloe’s heart via transplant.  Jon and Linda Coleman had the opportunity to meet heart recipient Melissa Simon for the first time a few months ago (as chronicled in this story from CBS 2 in Chicago:[email protected]) and over the weekend Melissa and her husband visited/are visiting (depending when you read this) with the Coleman family in Chapel Hill for the first time.

A big emphasis of Melissa’s visit is promotion of organ donation and Capitol Broadcasting—owners of WRAL-TV and the Durham Bulls—is supporting this effort.  They will be posting links to WRAL’s coverage on our Facebook page throughout the weekend ( Already there is a link to an interview with Melissa and Jon that was broadcast on WRAL’s noon newscast 5/21.