College radio kids program up for a Pepsi grant


College radio is a great place to start future radio people! I got a rather awesome email a couple of days ago.  WLOY [AM 1620 Baltimore—Loyola University Maryland] has been accepted into the competition for the Pepsi Refresh Everything grant challenge.  I’ve actually been meaning to contact RBR-TVBR about the children’s literacy radio program we developed, but I figured I really should now that we have this chance to really take it up to a whole new level.  We’re in for the $50,000 category 🙂  I have several schools already lined up to take the project on if we can get the funding and some we’re doing no matter what.  The trick is that they only award based on the highest number of online votes garnered, so we need to drive a ton of traffic to our site. 

This is a local radio project benefitting public school kids and involving local college kids.  I’d also encourage you not only to sign up and vote for us but spread the word so that we can really get a lot of votes.  Only the top 10 voted in each category get the grant award at the end of the month! Just go to the Pepsi site and create a login and vote for us!!  You get 10 votes per day (only 1 per project) but you can vote again every day, so PLEASE vote early and vote often!

Anything you can do to spread the word would be awesome!  THANK YOU!!!

–John Devecka, Operations Manager, WLOY Loyola Radio
[email protected]

RBR-TVBR observation: A great idea from Pepsi that brings the power of local radio to the forefront—and benefits kids. Devecka, while not a commercial radio operator, brings to light what a sponsor can do for a community and how radio can help. There is no reason ideas like this cannot be brought to an advertiser or potential advertiser to break the mold and do something different.