Colorado has a fine dish for Dish


Dish NetworkThe attorney general for the state of Colorado has found that the sales force of satellite MVPD Dish Network misrepresented price increase policy to customers and arrived at a pricy settlement with the satcaster.

Dish agreed to settle but did not believe it was guilty as charged.

According to the Denver Business Journal, customers were sold subscriptions with assurances that their fee was “locked in,” frozen” or “guaranteed” and even in some cases, were told that the fee would never change.

Representations that fees were locked in for two years drew complaints of early rate hikes averaging five dollars.

The AG is John Suthers. His office also noted that the sales script used after 2011 discontinued the practice of informing consumers that prices were subject to change.

The settlement is for $2M, $1M of which will remain with the AG’s office to support further consumer protection and $1M of which will go to the state.

Dish said it respectfully disagreed with the AG and noted that it was proud of its record of service.