ColorOfChange says Beck boycott still growing


The campaign of to starve the Glenn Beck Show on FNC is claiming it’s convinced 19 more advertisers to request their ads not be part of the program, including two in Great Britain that left FNC entirely.

Those joining the list of Beck-avoiding sponsors are AmMed Direct, Citrix Online, Concord Music Group, Diageo, Eggland’s Best, Equifax, Eulactol USA (producer of Flexitol),, Hoffman La Roche (maker of BONIVA), Metropolitan Talent Management, ooVoo, Overture Films, Scarguard, Schiff Nutrition (maker of Tiger’s Milk and Fi-Bar), Seoul Metropolitan Government, Subaru, Toyota-Lexus, Waitrose and Woodland Power Products, Inc. founder James Rucker said, “Over 280,000 of us have now called on advertisers to stop supporting Beck’s show. We are keeping Beck isolated and making sure that he continues to be a financial liability for Fox. Eventually, Fox will have to explain why they are continuing to give Beck’s race-baiting and fear-mongering a platform even as it hurts their bottom line.”

At least one of the advertisers told ColorOfChange that it was staying with Fox, but simply avoiding Beck. “We are currently shifting our presence on the Fox Television network to a time slot that will not include the Glenn Beck television program,” Bernardo de Albergaria of Citrix Online told ColorOfChange in an email. “I have received confirmation that Fox has been instructed to begin this transition immediately and I am advised it will be fully implemented by October 9th.” ColorOfChange notes that this advertiser has also abandoned Beck’s radio program.

Two advertisers — Waitrose (the British supermarket chain) and Metropolitan Talent Management – left not only the British version of Beck’s program but the entire Fox network.

RBR-TVBR observation: Beck seems to be everywhere these days, and his reach seems limitless, yet advertisers still are shying away. It’s amazing – and we know what the next question is – how much longer can this go on? Answer – as Long as Fox believes in Beck’s content. Beck is not the first on-air talent to get the advertiser snub and most certainly will not be the last.

RBR-TVBR note: RBR-TVBR comes from the programming and creative side we say to Beck and Fox – stay with it and stir the pot. Besides, it does our heart good to see a one time morning record playing jock make good on all sides of the broadcast medium.