Combining cinema and TV advertising doubles ROI


The Cinema Advertising Council, the trade association of cinema advertising companies that represent 82% of U.S. movie screens, unveiled the results of a research study conducted on behalf of its members by Integrated Media Measurement Inc., provider of consumer behavior and audience exposure data to media companies and advertisers.  According to the study, the results of a combined television and cinema ad campaign more than doubled the conversion rate as compared to television alone.  The combined cinema-television buy also provided double the lift; extended incremental reach; and the ability to target key demographics including ‘ad-avoiders.’ 

During the six-week study, IMMI tracked the behavior of consumers exposed to ads promoting three prominent cable TV programs. Some key findings:

* Of those exposed to an ad in the study, 10.1% of those exposed to an ad on ‘TV Only’ tuned in to the show’s premiere, while 22.7% exposed via ‘TV and Cinema’ did so. 

* While 24.7% of panelists exposed to an ad on ‘TV Only’ went on to tune in to watch any airing of the shows, conversion doubled to 49.5% when exposed to ‘TV and Cinema’ ads.  
* ‘Any Cinema’ outperformed ‘Any TV’ on conversions per ad exposure by a ratio of 24 to 1.

* Cinema over-delivers the hard-to-reach “multitasking” segment of the population. Moviegoers are 64% more likely to reach those who text while watching TV and 25% more likely to reach those who are online. 

* Cinema delivers hard-to-reach demos 13-34 (Compared to the average person, men 13-17 are 124% more likely to go to the movies and men 18-24 are 49% more likely). 

* Cinema advertising also reaches those who are traditional media ‘ad avoiders.’ In fact, 28% of frequent moviegoers are ad avoiders resulting in moviegoers being 157% more likely to see ads in cinema compared to other media measured.