Combo receiver finds a buyer in the mirror


Randy Hudzinski is tending to the care and feeding of a Ladysmith WI AM-FM combo as receiver, but has filed paperwork with the FCC to take on a more permanent role with the stations.

The stations include WLDY-AM and WJBL-FM. They are licensed to Roth Broadcasting Inc.

The price for the duo will be $664K. However, the IRS has the ability to nullify the deal. Hudzinski is seeking release from tax leins on Roth, and if they are not forthcoming the deal is canceled, according to the contract.

Hudzinski will be acquiring the pair as Flambeau Broadcasting Company Inc. FBCI will pay off a first mortgage lein on the stations amounting to an estimated $550K, which will be credited to the purchase price.

In addition to getting customary approvals from the FCC, the deal must pass muster in the court overseeing the receivership.

WLDY-AM is a Class C on 1340 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND.

WJBL-FM is a Class A on 93.1 MHz with 4.9 kW @ 358’.

The stations serve an unrated portion of Wisconsin to the north of Eau Claire.