Comcast defends TWC acquisition


Comcast-logoThere is a lot of competition in the video delivery field, Comcast has told the FCC, and there will still be a lot of competition even if it is allowed to add Time Warner Cable to its suite of media holdings. Talk to Sean Combs, better known as “Diddy” and one would hear that finding a place on the channel lineup remains a challenge.

According to a report in Capital, an Albany NY-based publication, Comcast believes the barriers to entering the video marketplace are very low in the internet age. It specifically cites Netflix and Google Fiber as entrants into the battlefield, and says that there is unlimited potential for more competitors.

Comcast notes that it is more than just online video distributors – manufacturers like Sony, Microsoft and Apple have the potential to create a device and then populate it with their own programming.

According to Capitol, Comcast is concerned with the sheer number of cable channel offerings out there, noting significant new entrants that it does not own like Fox Sports and FXX. It also expressed concern about channels based on the drawing power of a single high-profile celebrity, noting Glenn Beck and Combs as example.

Combs, for his part, launched a music channel called Revolt about a year ago, and certainly has no problem with either of the two cable companies in the current merger – Comcast accepted Revolt onto its lineup when it acquired NBCUniversal and TWC is said to have also made room for it.

However, according to the New York Post, Revolt is having trouble getting on other systems, is stuck at 25M in households reached and is beginning to suffer financial lack-of-growing pains.


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