Comcast explores new management policy


The FCC has ordered Comcast in no uncertain terms to avoid the practice of discriminating in terms of which content it will pass along or not, has found another way to try to control the amount of internet traffic it carries. It is putting a 250 GB/month limit that it will move for any one subscriber. Anybody exceeding that limit will get a warning, and the second time will be suspended for a month, according to an article a The move would affect only the very heaviest users. Comcast says 250 GK is the equilvalent of 50M typical emails, or 62.5K 4MB song downloads.

RBR/TVBR observation: Despite the fact that we are an internet-based business ourselves, we are not internet experts. We do not like the idea of any company determining what is carried and what is not. But we can certainly see the sense in applying reasonable limits on bandwidth hogs. Perhaps down the road, suspension of service could or should be replaced with an offering of enhanced 250 GB+ service for an increased monthly service charge.