Lynch Shifts To Mountain West As Lopez Takes Washington At Comcast


Comcast has a new leader in charge of its business across the state of Washington, where the owner of NBCUniversal and the provider of Xfinity MVPD services has more than 1.6 million residential and business customers and employs more than 4,500 individuals.

Rodrigo López is now in the role, and succeeds Amy Lynch.

She’s now the leader for Comcast Mountain West region, which Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, parts of Idaho and the Tucson, Ariz., metropolitan area.

Lopez, who previously served as Comcast’s Regional Senior Vice President of the Oregon and South West Washington Region, will be based in Comcast’s Lynnwood, Wash., offices.

Prior to that, Lopez worked as Regional Vice President of Comcast’s Mountain Region in Salt Lake City. He also worked as Vice President of Finance for Comcast’s California Region and held finance jobs in Seattle, Delaware and Utah over his nearly 30-year career at Comcast. He has moved eight times and held 13 different jobs starting as a Customer Account Executive working in the Orange County, California Call Center.