Comcast Media Center adds 11 MSOs to VOD footprint


Comcast Media Center announced that Mediacom Communications and 10 other cable system operators are using its VOD content distribution platform to serve VOD-enabled households in their systems. The addition of Mediacom, Canadian Cable Systems Alliance (CCSA) members Access Communications, EastLink, Cable Cable Inc., Source Cable Ltd. and Westman Communications Group; and U.S. cable operators KPU CommVision, Community Television Company, EATEL Video LLC, and Frontier Communications, brings its total footprint to some 40 million VOD-enabled households.

Launched in 2003, the CMC’s national VOD platform currently manages and distributes more than 9,000 VOD assets from more than 276 content sources each month. The VOD platform provides a highly secure content distribution environment for films and other licensed video programming. In addition, the CMC offers rapid-turn capabilities for providing near real-time delivery of television programming that incorporates the profiles for C3 commercial ratings provided by The Nielsen Company.

The CMC’s VOD platform features a user-directed Express Lane VOD solution, which programming networks may use for delivering VOD assets to selected cable system headends. It also offers a “Local Express Lane” cost-effective, centralized solution for managing local VOD content. The Express Lane solutions provide an easy to implement solution for local and national content providers to control the preparation, management and delivery of their content.

CMC’s VOD content management services include ongoing quality assurance monitoring and a secure Internet portal that helps cable systems track when programming has successfully propagated from the CMC catcher to the local VOD system. The portal can list VOD assets by programmer or provide a total view of all VOD assets.