Comcast Spotlight helps retailers via VOD


Launched in November for the holiday season, Video Circulars On Demand is the first tool to make the same sale and product information featured in newspaper free standing inserts (FSIs) from major retailers available on TV. The service is available to more than 15 million homes, and in its first two months garnered more than one million views, ranking among the top third of VOD content viewed and making it the most-watched content on Searchlight, Comcast Spotlight’s VOD ad platform.

“Customers love and actively seek out the information in newspaper inserts, and we’re taking what they already value and are helping retailers improve their reach as overall newspaper circulation declines,” said Kevin Smith, Vice President of Digital Media for Comcast Spotlight. “Video Circulars On Demand makes that content available to customers on their TVs and on their schedules, and can help to drive floor traffic by supplementing newspaper distribution channels.”

Comcast’s Video Circular allows advertisers to post and update their sales information—such as the images and product descriptions included in an FSI—through a turnkey process that converts the static images into video content that viewers can pause, rewind and fast-forward.

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