Comcast, WWE, Gray, Media General, Rentrak, TV One, Anchorage


Television2Channel surfing through a few TV items: Comcast and WWE are preparing to pay dividends; Gray, Media General and Rentrak are about to announce their latest revenue results; TV One has a carriage deal; and an LPTV CP has been sold in Anchorage AK.

* There is still time to get in on Comcast’s next dividend. Get on the books as of 10/7/15 and you’ll be in line for 25 cents per share, payable 10/28/15.

* WWE has decided to divide and prosper – it’s offering $0.12 per share to stockholders as of 9/15/15, payable 10 days later.

* Mark Wednesday 8/5/15 on your calendar if you’re interested in catching the next results conference call from Gray Television. It’s scheduled for 1:00 PM eastern.

* If you’re interested in learning how Media General did during Q2, they’ll be more than happy to tell you on Thursday 8/6/15. Their session beings at 9:00 eastern.

* Ratings service Rentrak, which provides stats for television, movies and other media, is on the results reporting calendar. It’ll hold forth on Monday 8/10/15 at 5:00 PM eastern.

* TV One has gone long with AT&T’s U-Verse MVPD platform. The urban television channel belonging to Radio One will be on U-Verse for the next 11 years.

* Anchorage LPTV CP K32KB-D has been sold. Denver Digital Television is picking up the CP for $20,000 from One Ministries Inc