Comcast/NBCU to be Martinized


Comcast has already had its fair share of run-ins with former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. Martin was major proponent of an a al carte cable programming option for consumers, in direct opposition to cable’s position, and sided with an internet content provider in an ISP traffic management dispute. Now he’s working with union Communications Workers of America, which vigorously opposes the proposed Comcast/NBCU merger.

The Republican, who left just about when President Barack Obama was coming in, was generally know to be pro-business, but with an independent streak, and that streak often went right through the cable industry.

The internet dispute involved Comcast’s slowing down traffic for peer-to-peer file sharing website BitTorrent.
According to the Washington Post, Martin will be advising and consulting with CWA in his capacity as co-leader of the telecommunications practice at law firm Patton Boggs.