Comcast/Netflix Wedding Pondered


Comcast-logoHoly Vertical Integration, Batman! Could Comcast and Netflix, two companies that have feuded over internet streaming practices, wind up at the M&A altar? At least one analyst sees some upside.

However, there isn’t a chance in the world such a union would be considered until the pending Comcast/TWC nuptials are finalized or annulled.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield believes that although Netflix would be a lot for Comcast shareholders to swallow, the $30B0-market-cap Netflix board might be willing to entertain a proposal.

For Comcast, the benefits are many.

For starters, it provides it with a strong team well-versed in providing commercial-free unbundled and on-demand programming – helping to eliminate the learning curve facing Comcast at the moment.

Comcast could promote Netflix to an awesome degree by simply including it in its set-top box.

Finally, Netflix would inoculate Comcast from cord cutters.

Of such things are hypothetical wedding composed.