Coming August 6: Saga’s Q2 Results


With its stock struggling to recover from a recent five-year low, Saga Communications President Ed Christian still presides over a company that has been among the strongest radio industry performers on Wall Street.

A Q1 cash dividend of 30 cents was awarded to shareholders; the June 25 dip to $28.50 is a far cry from the $4.25 per share price seen in July 2009 for Saga.

Where Saga stock goes could be predicated on how its second quarter 2019 results fared. For investors, the answers to its Q2 questions will come just before the Opening Bell on Wall Street on Tuesday, August 6.

A conference call featuring Christian, during which he will likely be his loose, straight-shooting and perhaps humorous self, is set for 11am Eastern.

Like most quarterly earnings calls of late, there will be no live Q&A — likely because lightly traded Saga is not tracked by Wall Street financial analysts. As such, anyone who has a question they’d like Saga’s top brass to address during the call has until 10am ET on August 6 to send it via email, to [email protected].

Saga owns or operates 79 FM and 34 AM radio stations.