Coming Soon: ‘Audio contribution and Streaming Solutions’


IP audio and control company Barix is gearing up for InfoComm, set for June 6-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, by readying the rollout of its two newest products.

The conference and expo will see the debut of Instreamer ICE, which combines the bandwidth efficiency of AAC+ encoding with streamlined integration. A built-in Icecast server that supports up to 50 simultaneous listeners accomplishes this task.

Instreamer ICE is designed for temporary live internet radio services from specialty broadcasters; enhanced compression of AAC+ encoding allows end users to deliver the same audio quality as mp3 at half the bandwidth, or double the audio quality using the same bandwidth.

Also getting its Las Vegas rollout in early June is Barix’s Retail Player, now available in North America.

It is being marketed for corporate music applications, but Barix believes the combined solution is deal for private internet radio networks, which are commonly seen at radio broadcasting companies.

“The Instreamer ICE is essentially a compact internet radio-in-a-box solution that feeds the signal direct to a local network or an ISP. On the reception side, customers can use standard networked devices such as mobile phones or computers or, as a professional alternative, the highly efficient and robust Retail Player receivers,” said Barix VP/Sales & Marketing Reto Brader. “These new Barix endoding and decoding solutions allow users to take advantage of AAC+ encoding and native Icecast integration while expanding their networks through a dependable, easy-to-manage and easily-scalable receiver solution, RetailPlayer, that is remarkably affordable.”