Comments sought on UHF discount demise


TV RemoteThe FCC has an NPRM on the table which would remove the 50% discount afforded UHF television stations when calculating group compliance with national audience caps, and now is your chance to weigh in on the matter.

The UHF cap made sense back when VHF was king and populated by major network affiliates, while the UHF class was largely playing catch-up with indies and noncommercial stations.

That all changed in the digital age, so much so that the beyond eliminating the UHF discount on grounds of obsolescence, the FCC is considering affording a discount to the VHF class.

The matter has now been published in the Federal Register, and as such is open for public comment.
It’s filed under MB Docket No. 13-236.

Comments are due12/16/03, and reply comments are due 1/13/14.

RBR-TVBR observation: Watch for an extension of the comment period. It’s almost a lock on something like this, at this time of year. Numerous parties will likely comment on the complexity of the subject, and its coincidence with end-of-year holidays and end-of-year business reporting, making it impossible for key corporate employees to give this matter the full and proper attention to which it is entitled. The FCC will see this as a reasonable request, and will add anywhere from two to four weeks to the comment window.

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