Commercial broadcasting gets one back


One of the biggest trends in station trading has been the migration of commercial stations to non-profit owners. This time, thanks to Fred Dockins, KAUL-FM Ellington MO is moving in the other direction. The station is far away from the 92 MHz border of the reserved band, sitting at 106.7 MHz on the FM dial.

However, the dial position is just a smidgeon south of the purchase price, which is $107.5K cash. That is what Dockings Broadcast Group will pay to pick up the station from New Life Evangelistic Center Inc., headed by Charles W. Hale.

The station is a Class A with 3 kw @ 299’. Dockins says he’s applying to upgrade it to a Class C3.

It will be Dockins’ second strike in this unrated part of Missouri. He earlier bought KPWB AM-FM Piedmont MO; KTNX-FM Arcadia MO, KYLS-AM Frederickton MO & KYLS-FM Ironton MO from Southern Star Broadcasting of Missouri LLC for about $1.7M. That deal was filed 7/3/09.

KAUL will form a duopoly cluster with the two Piedmont stations.

Dockins also owns WFDZ-FM in Perry FL.