Commercial rankings for August


TiVo announced its Top Commercial Rankings for August, as viewed by TiVo subscribers. For the second month in row, TNT claimed several top highest rated program episodes in total viewing with The Closer. However, similar to the last month, while The Closer dominated the Top Program ratings, none of the commercials that aired during the program made the Top 10. In fact, nine of the Top 10 commercial spots in August aired during Big Brother 8, which was only the 10th highest rated program. In the meantime, Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance continued its consistent summertime Top 10 showing.
TiVo’s monthly analysis for August ranked cable and broadcast networks by the percent of Timeshifted viewing for the spring and summer months. The data showed that during the spring, the top five most Timeshifted networks were the top five broadcast. However, during the summer, three of the top five most Timeshifted networks were cable.